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BMW Performance Center

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Professional Driver's Education

BMW Performance Center offers the ultimate driving experience in Greenville with driving lessons from certified instructors. Our professional drivers demonstrate the full capabilities of the latest BMW models while teaching you how to get the most from your car's performance.

Gain more confidence and drive a vehicle to its limits in a safe, controlled environment. You can only experience this type of instruction in a luxury vehicle at BMW Performance Center.

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1 and 2 Day Driving Programs

  • Driver's School, Performance Focused Driving Lessons
  • Teen School, Learn About a Range of On-Road Driving Conditions
  • M School, Featuring Top-Maneuvering BMW M Series Vehicles
  • Motorcycle School, On-Road or Off-Road Courses with Our Bike or Your Own
  • Distinctive Corporate Events, Auditorium, Conference Rooms, and CafĂ©

Why Choose BMW Performance Center?

  • Learn Acceleration, Cornering, Handling, Braking, Drifting, and Off-Road Driving
  • Our Professional Drivers Are Certified Driving Instructors
  • Drive Ultimate Driving Machines from BMW's Latest Models


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